Our systems eradicate the human error element of security, instantly alerting us when an intrusion is present on your premises.  Locations can be monitored day & night without the need for power or cabling.  With its IPX 67 rating they can be used in any environment and fixed in any position keeping your premises safe at all times.

We use a control room that abides by all British Standards.  Unlike traditional CCTV where a human has to watch the monitor constantly, our system alerts the control room staff to ensure nothing is ever missed. 

Any intrusion is immediately relayed to our K9 response unit so they can attend to evaluate the situation.  The presence of a trained dog enables effective searching of the premises and will aid in any necessary apprehension of an intruder. 

Extensively used in military applications for boarder control and response purposes.  Available in camoflage format to enable discreet installation and detection.  Our systems are fully operational regardless of weather conditions working in temperatures between -40C and +55C.

As a client you have the ability to access the server and view all cameras on your site 24/7. Log in and gain any information you require from anywhere any time. 

Wireless and battery powered, our systems provide high tech, military standard monitoring for an affordable price.  It can be installed immediately anywhere.

Regular wired CCTV gives video without intelligence.  Our system gives clear video verification of all intruders with ZERO false alarms. 

If your site is ever changing and constantly on the move, you need a CCTV system that wont interfere or get in your way.  Due to our system being completely wireless, we can attend your site and reposition the equipment on short notice. 



Solar Farms across the country are constantly targeted by thieves, since the panels are easy to re-fit elsewhere and copper cabling continues to be attractive due to its high resale value. 

Wireless CCTV has proven to be an extremely valuable asset to large sites like Solar Farms.  No unnecessary cables need to run around the site creating trip hazards and no costly installation fees that come with installing generic wired CCTV. 

We understand that all sites evolve and change, therefore our systems can be fitted in any position and due to being completely wireless they can be repositioned from one location to another fast and efficiently.